Our Commitment

Message from INDEVCO President & CEO

Our founder, the late Georges N. Frem, created a forward-thinking corporate philosophy focused on both purpose and profit: “What is good for the community is good for the company”.

This philosophy set forth the growth mechanism for our group throughout the decades. While serving the needs of stakeholders in our communities, we are listening to change that allows us to analyze and invest to address unmet needs.

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At heart and in our DNA, we’ve been socially responsible since we were established in 1956. Our founder Georges Frem penned our “Commitment to Community” philosophy in 1975, and it has guided us ever since.

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Social Responsibility
Environmental Sustainability


INDEVCO and its business units worldwide focus on reducing the use of nonrenewable resources, waste, and emissions, as well as transitioning to renewable energy resources such as solar energy.

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INDEVCO is committed to developing and supplying safe, quality products, from raw materials to packaging. With our businesses operating in the corrugated, paper, and plastic packaging industry, INDEVCO spearheads sustainable product development.

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Responsible Products