Plastic Waste Collection & Recycling

INDEVCO Flexible Packaging is developing an internal circular economy of plastics in the Middle East to increase the uptake of plastic waste recycling and regeneration. Plastics plants in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon have invested in recycling facilities, as well as in waste collection, sorting and cleaning equipment to cycle materials into applications requiring similar quality recycled resins rather than lower value final-use applications.
This re-use and recycling of plastic waste reduces virgin raw material consumption and carbon emissions, as well as diverts plastics from landfills or incineration, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal SDG12 for responsible consumption and production.

Collection, Sorting & Washing of Plastic Waste

In 2016, Recom in Saudi Arabia and Masterpak in Lebanon collected 25,014 MT of recyclable plastic waste, 53% of which came from sister companies. This diversion saved nearly 89,500 m2 in landfill area. 
Recom’s expansion from Jeddah in western Saudi Arabia to Jubail in the Eastern Province in 2015 optimized plastic waste sorting by material and color, as well as introduced both dry and wet resin washing capabilities to ensure converting of premium, as opposed to low-end applications. Recom now also offers professional plastic waste handling services on petrochemical premises.
By diverting plastic waste - that would otherwise have been landfilled or incinerated - into useful applications, our plants are supporting UN SDG12 (Target 12.5) to substantially reduce waste generation through recycling and reuse.