Regenerated Resins

In the plastics industry, scrutinized for its environmental footprint, INDEVCO directs efforts to reduce virgin resin consumption, plastic waste landfilling, and marine debris. Member companies partner with plastics converters to close the loop of a circular economy by regenerating high-quality recycled resins for applications requiring similar quality raw materials, rather than producing resins from low-quality combined waste that cannot be recycled again.
INDEVCO’s recycled resins promote responsible consumption and production in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal SDG12.

Recycled Resins

Member companies, Recom in Saudi Arabia and Masterpak in Lebanon, collected and converted plastic waste into 18,521 MT of PE recycled resins in 2016, under the MicroMB brand. This reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 46,300 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E). Sister companies converted almost 65% of these recycled resins into plastic films and packaging materials. 
INDEVCO’s plastic R&D arm, Polymer Application Center for Technology (PACT), worked on recycling and compounding difficult polymers to selectively streamline the plastic waste for higher value converting. By regenerating quality resins to replace virgin resins, INDEVCO promotes the sustainable and efficient use of natural resources, in line with UN SDG12 (Target 12.2).