President & CEO Neemat Frem, INDEVCO’s Commitment to Sustainability


Message from INDEVCO President & CEO
Our founder, the late Georges N. Frem, created a forward-thinking corporate philosophy focused on both purpose and profit: “What is good for the community is good for the company”.
This philosophy set forth the growth mechanism for our group throughout the decades. While serving the needs of stakeholders in our communities, we are listening to change that allows us to analyze and invest to address unmet needs.

On behalf of our companies and employees, I present our first steps at consolidating information about our sustainability initiatives worldwide. We’ve set the foundation to gather baseline data on environmental sustainability, products, and social responsibility.

INDEVCO has a major role to play, especially in the Middle East where environmental awareness is far from where it should be. Our duty is to be a lighthouse for the business community around us and communities in general. Our business divisions manufacture a diverse range of products, from consumer disposables to packaging to machinery. Our environmental initiatives center on renewable energy, sustainable forestry, and waste management and reuse. In addition, we are developing environmentally friendly products for tissue, paper, corrugated and plastics converting industries.

As much as we’re worried with Mother Nature, we’re equally concerned about the citizens in the countries where we operate. The human element is at the heart of community. Every societal need around us is a call for organizations with the power to change.

Health and education are basic rights of every human being, and it is our duty to help promote and deliver these rights as part of INDEVCO’s good citizenship. Our social programs focus on Arab women’s health awareness and education, early childhood development in the Middle East, and industry-university relations in Lebanon.

We want to continue to grow with our philosophy. In order to report clear key performance indicators to stakeholders, our leaders will work to fully quantify the impacts of their initiatives.

Neemat G. Frem
INDEVCO President & CEO