our commitment to sustainability

A Message from Our Chairman

As we moved into the new decade [2020], we left behind life and business as we knew it and entered a new time punctuated with volatility, uncertainty, conflict, and ambiguity. With resilience, hard work, and commitment, however, we developed a new normal post-COVID19. Our ‘We Listen to Change’ approach empowered us to be exceptionally agile and swiftly react to unforeseen events. It allowed us to proactively prepare ourselves to withstand the storm which we have been living through these first few years of this decade.

We are a company founded on a philosophy that emphasizes creating business value by focusing on the well-being and needs of the community and our people. This philosophy and our core values helped us steer turbulent waters and come out stronger. 

If we learned anything from the monumental events of the past three years, it is that we must reevaluate our priorities and continuously strive to do better for the sake of our families, employees, stakeholders, partners, and company. Tomorrow and what it brings aren’t guaranteed and we must work to leave the world a better place than we received it. Corporate sustainability is a strategic priority that we must embed in the fabric of the organization to secure continuity and drive business growth and longevity. Today, we are still heavily focused on 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact (UNGC) Ten Principles on anti-corruption, environment, human rights, and labor. The world we lived in and the dynamics we worked with changed dramatically over the past three years. As such, this report will cover our sustainability progress and initiatives over 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Neemat G. Frem
INDEVCO Chairman & CEO