Enhancing Employee
Health & Safety

OUR COMMITMENT is to put in place and train staff on safety procedures and policies that meet international standards for decent and safe working conditions to preserve employee health and wellbeing.

  • Context

    Occupational injuries, deaths, and illnesses take a heavy toll in developing countries, where large numbers of people are involved in dangerous work-related activities. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), 2.3 million workers die every year from work-related injuries and diseases. Moreover, ILO finds that more than 4% to 6% of the world’s annual GDP is lost because of work-related injuries and diseases for most countries [1]. Consequently, poor workplace health and safety management can negatively impact sustainable economic growth [2]. A research conducted in 2021, based on a review of the top 100 SGX-listed (Singapore Stock Exchange) companies’ Sustainability Report issued in the financial year 2020, showed that SDG 8 (Decent work and Economic Growth) is the most stated goal reported by organizations in line with their business strategy, while SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-being) is ranked as the third reported goal, right after Climate Action (SDG 13) [3]. UN SDG 3 ensures healthy lives and promotes well-being for all at all ages. In target 3.9, it sheds light on significantly reducing the number of deaths and injuries from hazardous chemicals and air, water and soil pollution and contamination by 2030.

  • Management Approach

    INDEVCO has always been alert to employees’ wellbeing and safety, recognizing it as one of its top priorities. Occupational health and safety is endorsed by stakeholder responses at INDEVCO and acknowledged as a clear material topic. The company implemented international health and safety systems across all operations and, thus, our internal audit and insurance departments are consistently conducting planned and impromptu audits assessing housekeeping, policies, hazard prevention, and adherence to international labor law and certification requirements.

  • Sustainable
    Development Goals

    SDG3 - Good Health and Well-BeingSDG4 - Quality EducationSDG8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth




of manufacturing operations

in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia,

the UAE & USA hold international certifications




Increased Safety Awareness at

12 manufacturing plants

through ‘Devoted to Safety’ campaign



5,293 Employees

through ‘Devoted to Safety’ campaign