Empowering Youth
& Local Workforce During an Economic Collapse

Our commitment is to support economic development by providing job opportunities, industry leadership, and support to public and private universities to reduce skill gaps and unemployment and to enhance industrial research achievements.

  • Context

    Lebanon’s economy began its slow decline long before the series of snowball events following the October revolution in 2019. Several poor strategic political decisions and corrupt leadership resulted in the uprising of the Lebanese citizens on 17 October 2019, just 2 days after the massive fires that swept through the Chouf region destroying hundreds of hectares of forest.

  • Management Approach

    Youth development has always been a sustainability priority for INDEVCO and its business units worldwide, recognizing the potential for innovation and growth through close partnerships with universities. With main operations in a region defined by high youth unemployment, INDEVCO understands the critical need for programs that encourage the employment of youth. This objective, however, has expanded to focus also on the unemployed skilled workforce also suffering from the economic crisis in Lebanon.

  • Sustainable
    Development Goals

    SDG4 - Quality EducationSDG8 - Decent Work and Economic GrowthSDG17 - Partnerships for the Goals



900+ Lebanese

from 2019 – 2022 at INDEVCO operations in Lebanon & KSA



2,783, 2,412, 3,056 and 3,342 employee skills

through training in 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022 Respectively


Developed skills of

600+ university students

through internship programs in Lebanon, KSA, & USA from 2019-2022


INDEVCO North America launched a

tuition reimbursement program for employees

for higher education & certifications