Partnering for a
Circular Economy of Plastics

OUR COMMITMENT is to foster premium re-use of plastic waste to reduce carbon emissions and to divert plastics destined for landfills or incineration into recycled applications supporting a circular economy of plastics.

  • Context

    The world is moving away from the linear model of consumption (Take–Make-Use–Dispose) to a circular economy of plastics which focuses on innovating, redesigning, and extending product lifecycles to facilitate re-use and recycling. In this system, waste no longer represents product end-of-life but rather a new form of raw material that goes back into the production process as many times as possible…

  • Management Approach

    As manufacturers of plastic packaging and the backlash against plastic waste, INDEVCO Flexible Packaging and Napco National CJSC Flexible Packaging divisions have taken an active role in pushing towards a circular economy of plastics, meanwhile create green revenue streams from recycling plastic waste…

  • Sustainable
    Development Goals

    SDG12 - Responsible Consumption and ProductionSDG17 - Partnerships for the Goals



Eliminated associated GHG emissions by

66,196 MTCO2E

of carbon dioxide equivalent


74,023 m2

of post-industrial plastic

scrap diverted from landfill



increase of plastic scrap collection