Growing Renewable Energy
Capabilities in the Middle East

OUR COMMITMENT is to reduce energy consumption within our manufacturing group and to partner closely across Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa to prioritize solar power.0

  • Context

    In order to meet the international target to keep the global temperature below two degrees Celsius, as set out in the Paris Accord of 2015, CO2 emissions must be reduced significantly by transforming the current fossil-fuel dependent energy system to renewable energy. Fulfilling the Agreement means deploying renewables six times faster, increasing the total share of renewable energy from around one-sixth of total world’s energy consumption in 2018/2019 to around two-thirds by 2050…

  • Management Approach

    With our plants located in a region with 300 to 345 days of sunshine per year, INDEVCO identifies powering operations with solar energy among its key initiatives. INDEVCO has installed PV power plants across its member companies in Lebanon to leverage on the abundant and untapped renewable energy from the sun. With topic boundaries extending past our plants, INDEVCO’s Phoenix Energy also works to prioritize solar energy in Lebanon and Egypt…

  • Sustainable
    Development Goals

    SDG7 - Affordable and Clean EnergySDG17 - Partnerships for the Goals



Internal Solar Savings at

INDEVCO Companies

  • 7,700 Polycristalline PV panels
  • 2.5 MWp Combined Capacity
  • 3,750 MWh of energy / year


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Benban Solar Park: The World’s

Largest Solar Power Farm

  • 193,600 Polycristalline PV panels
  • 64 MWp Capacity
  • 156,000 MWh of energy / year